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A Three Day Virtual Immersion Workshop For Kids

Invest in your child today, so they become the leader of tomorrow.


Teach them how to start a passive income business with little to no money

Most kids have the skills they need to run their own business, but they just don't know it yet. And even if you teach them all these great entrepreneurial skills now, there are still so many other things that can go wrong when starting your first business! We know it can be hard for kids these days with all the distractions that are out there, so we want to help them find their passions in life. And what better way than through entrepreneurship?

An Online Immersion Workshop For Kids


Join us this August as we teach kids how they can make money without having any of their own! This workshop will show them how they can build passive income streams by starting their own businesses from scratch – even if they don't have any money at all!!!

The next 12 months could be the greatest time in history for you to invest in your children to help them grow & THRIVE in these uncertain times.

Join The Thrivology Company’s team to gain the blueprint to help your child confidently start and grow their young enterprise & take advantage of this window of opportunity.

The Thrivology Company's Young Entrepreneur Summer School Program will teach your child everything they need to know about starting a passive income business  - with little to no money! Our virtual workshop for kids is hands-on and interactive - we'll be teaching our attendees valuable lessons on how to make money online from home without leaving the comfort of their own bedrooms! We'll also cover topics like marketing strategies, social media management, copywriting tips & tricks and more. By the time this program ends, your kid will be ready (and excited!) about getting started with their very own business. It's never too early to start learning about business skills - our workshops are designed for ages 11-18 years old so everyone has a chance at success no matter when they join us.

Invest in your child today

The UK’s first series of programs developed for and aimed at building strong, confident leaders of tomorrow. Teaching them the foundations of Business, Wealth and Health Management. Join us for the first part in the series… How to start a Passive Income Business.

Who is it For

This course is intended for parents who want their children (aged 11-17) to learn business fundamentals. Teach them how to build and keep their own wealth.

Summer School

The UK’s first series of programs developed for and aimed at building strong, confident leaders of tomorrow. Teaching them the foundations of Business, Wealth and Health Management. Join us for the first part in the series… How to start a Passive Income Business.

Your child will learn business fundamentals such as…


  • Your Business Idea

  • Your Target Customer

  • Your Products

  • Your Design

  • Your Promotion

As well as deeper understanding such as…


  • Your Mindset

  • Your Wealth

  • Presentation Skills

  • Getting Started

  • What to do (step-by-step)

  • How to build & grow a business

What Will This Do For You & Your Child?

Firstly, you should never INVEST in anything if you don’t know how it will serve you and the people you care about the most. So let’s answer that…


Thrivology Summer School was created because there was a demand for further education outside of the school system. There are generally two options for children today when they reach working age

Get a job

Start their own business

The problem with this? We are in a digital world, where employers are replacing factory workers with robots and whole departments of coders and developers are popping up globally as brands find more efficient and cost-effective ways to serve their customers.

With such high skill levels being needed employers now expect employees to be degree educated as well as have experience, the bar is getting higher and higher, but the fundamentals of education and the way children are taught has not changed for over a century.


With COVID, speeding up this process, there is a global drive towards digitising whole brands overnight, but where does that potentially leave your child if they have not been taught project management, finance or robotics in school? Where do they go now?

Now they can go to university, but that comes with a price tag they will have to pay back later and does NOT guarantee a job or a job they have trained for.

So if you cannot find a job… make one!

But there is also a lack of knowledge in this area for children, where do they start?


The Thrivology summer School was built to bridge this gap and show our children how to prosper in this new world on their own merit.

And to make sure we held up our end of the deal, we have included TWO PIECES they will need to follow through and make this real – Fundamentals & Action and Repetition - at a discounted rate for our founding class members.

The Thrivology Company

Summer School


A Four Day Virtual Immersion Workshop For Kids
Invest in your child today, so they become the leader of tomorrow.


Teach them how to start a passive income business with little to no money

Summer 2022 

How often have you been fired up about the education of your child, or sometimes the lack of it?


How often do you dream about their future, being better than your own, but don’t know how to help them improve it?

​Or even when you knew exactly what you should do to help them be more successful, but just didn’t have the time, energy or support to make it happen?

The gap of where you are now and where you want your children to be is not going to get filled by knowledge alone….

And inspiration won’t do it if you don’t have the strategies.

Which is why we have created The Thrivology Summer School to teach them the fundamentals of business and give them a step-by-step blueprint of ACTUALLY starting their own business. This is their gateway to greatness…

If the past 18 months is anything to go by, it has shown us that ANYTHING is possible and let’s face it, I don’t think the world will be the same after this.


We are at a critical point where we can make a decision for the future of our children, continue to let them be educated by “the system” or show them a way of pushing forward and being a leader in tomorrow’s world and give them a fighting chance.


As parents, we always try to do our best for our children, but sometimes we don’t know the answers, or we don’t have access to what we need…


How do I best help secure my child’s future?...


How do I get the time to teach them outside of school with my busy schedule?...


How do I know what to teach my child, it’s a mine field!...


Well, now you do!

Discover a way that your child can make a passive income and help secure their future.


Now is the time for change, Now is the time to upskill your child. And Now is the time for action. 


The Thrivology’s Summer School will positively impact our young leaders of tomorrow and set them up for personal success.


“Invest in your child today to help them become a leader tomorrow.” 


They'll gain these same secrets when you join The Thrivology Team LIVE on 16th August... but the only way to get access is to click the big orange button below and save their spot now

Let's face it... chances are if you're reading this then you already know that your children are meant for more, that they can be great and you don’t want them to be left behind! 


You are willing to explore options for your child and educate them in the things you either are not aware of and probably did not have access to when you were young.


It has been proven that young minds are impressionable and if you can feed them with the right information early on, you are guaranteeing their success

These are the secrets that the rich don’t want us to know. How to leverage our knowledge to show others how to THRIVE!


Thrivology Summer School is the start of your journey to securing your child’s success with a higher level of support and coaching than they’ve ever experienced and higher level, NEW strategies for the new virtual world. 


That's why this event is a CAN'T MISS masterclass on success...


So hurry and click below now to save your seat before you miss out..

What Will Your Child Get?



We have condensed decades of industry experience, knowledge, and insights gained from the past 18 months of the new digital economy into a 5-day training course consisting of 10 bite-size, easy-to-understand sessions that will include…

  • How to become unstoppable, so excuses never get in their way again

  • Uncover exactly what THEY should sell and discover who they will sell it to ​

  • Learn how to effortlessly market their message


We are giving your children a complete blueprint on how to set up their own passive income business using Amazon whilst teaching them business fundamentals AND showing them step by step on how to do it. They will leave the course with a finished product or be ready to start.


We will start by looking at the children's mindset and give them ways to challenge and develop that mindset for SUCCESS!

They will then be equipped with some simple promotional techniques to allow them to confidently reach people.

We will help them to action each step they are learning through fun homework, learning styles and milestones


Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Training Programme

We will teach your child how to become a self-published author and start earning passive income. We will walk them through every step of the process as first-time authors!


Our main goal is to help our students become part-time authors who earn a passive income from their work. With this all being done in their spare time, so they are still able to concentrate on school and education.


We teach each student how to crate a book, how to get it published, how to market their books and ideas. We also teach them how to create and manage their amazon page so that they can sell books easily! 


We will train them step by step on the process of how to make a digital book, get it published and get paid. 


We will teach them to become skilled self-published authors, with the ultimate goal of making passive income from their books.


The training session will include:


1. How to make a book and get it published on Amazon.


2. How to set up a proper publishing platform and get the book

out there.


3. How to market your book and make it a bestseller.


4. How to eventually sell your books on Kindle and other


Is Thrivology Summer School Right For Your Child?

The last thing we want is to lead you or your child down the wrong path… so you can use the below as a checklist to see if this would be a good fit for your child.

You can see your child is great or has the potential to be great. You want to nurture them and be able to give them more than you had when you were young.

You want to give your child a head start. You took the traditional route of going to university or getting a job, but you know there is more and want to offer that chance to your child

You think the education system is not fulfilling their potential. You want to add to their academic education with practical life skills they can use to secure their future.

You can see that the world is shifting rapidly, and don't want your child to be left behind… You want to show them different ways of functioning in the new world.

You feel stuck in how to help your child, or you don't have the time to support them. You want a simple but effective way to progress your child that offers additional support.

You want to give them options you never had. You want your child to have a meaningful, fulfilling and rewarding life where they don't have to struggle or worry about paying bills in the future.





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The decisions you make right now for your children will determine their future...

There is MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY to take advantage of this wave.

But opportunity won't change your life. Only ACTION will...

So it's time to take action right now and gain the blueprint to change their lives.

The average degree can cost upwards of £40,000 over three years and does not include accommodation. Yet there is no guarantee of a job at the end of the three-year investment…


But you can give your children a head start through the Passive Income System. So, what are you waiting for?




Get the Passive Income Blueprint, Business Foundations, & a One to One Business Coaching Session for           (That is over 69% discount).


But TODAY get all that value

For Only £167.00 and start them on the path of success!


Do you want to get your child in and get everything above for just £167 to start the path to their future TODAY… 

Or will you hesitate, wait around, miss this and possibly look back with massive regret later?  


It’s now or never. Click the big orange button below and save your child's seat before you miss this opportunity!!!

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