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Personal Outreach Campaign

  • 1 hour
  • £850 per month
  • Online Support

Service Description

Personalised outreach that uses a prospect's online data to create tailored emails. Our personalisation engine will help you build relationships with your prospective customers at scale, with no effort. Our engine analyses your prospect's website to find Case Studies, Blogs, News, LinkedIn profiles of leaders and creates a unique outreach message based on data. Our engine will generate a complete cold email messaging sequence using personalised prospect online data to pitch your product. Features • Personalised Icebreaking messaging sequence (limited to 3000 contacts per month) (Please note each sequence will contain approximately 3 to 5 messages) • Email warmup functionality • Maximise open, and reply to rates with dynamic personalisation tags, plus run smart campaigns with scheduled sends and follow-ups • AI-powered email campaign management that boosts deliverability and response through automated account warmup and smart sending features PLEASE NOTE: THAT THIS SERVICE IS NORMALLY ONLY FOR 500 CONTACTS; HOWEVER, FOR YOU, WE WILL EXTEND IT TO 3000 CONTACTS DUE TO THE SIZE OF YOUR CONTACT DATABASE Timescale Rolling monthly service

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Biddenham, Bedford, UK

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