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Carlene Nisbett

CEO & Business & Marketing Consultant, Coach & Mentor



Social Media Marketing

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Digital Marketing

Email Marketing / Newsletters

Content Marketing

Launch Strategy


Professional Mentoring Programme

Start a Marketing Business: Concept to Launch

Online Marketing Foundations

Social Media Marketing Foundations 

Validating Your Startup 


Marketing to Millennials


- Cranfield University

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

- University of East London

BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Marketing, Fashion

We're living in an exhilarating time where you can reach millions of people through so many different channels. However, to build a brand, you need to identify the right audience and craft the right story.

My hunt for knowledge on how to match people not only what they want but also what they need, drew me to marketing and business strategy, where I have worked with clients across a range of industries, including retail, events, education and technology. 

With over thirteen years of experience and an MBA from Cranfield University, I understand how important creating a solid strategy is to help businesses thrive from increasing engagement, sales and revenue to building and improving culture internally and externally. 

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Every brand has a story behind it - whether that is one that leaves customers feeling informed and educated, or one that sparks joy and delight. I'm passionate about not only defining and articulating that story but also developing and implementing integrated marketing plans which companies can utilise to tell that story and maximise their reach.

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